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Cutting tools are used for cutting in mechanical manufacturing. Most of them are machine tools, but also hand tools. Since the cutting tools used in mechanical manufacturing are basically used to cut metal materials, the term "tool" is generally understood as a metal cutting tool. The cutting tools used to cut wood are called woodworking tools.


Tools can be divided into five categories according to the form of workpiece surface processing:

1、 加工各种外表面的刀具、包括车刀、刨刀、铣刀、外表面拉刀和锉刀等.

1. Processing all kinds of external surface cutters, including turning tools, planers, milling tools, external surface Broaches and files, etc.

2、 孔加工刀具,包括钻头、扩孔钻、镗刀、铰刀和内表面拉刀等.

2. Hole processing tools, including drill, reamer, boring cutter, reamer and internal broach, etc.

3、 螺纹加工刀具,包括丝锥、板牙、自动开合螺纹切头、螺纹车刀和螺纹铣刀等.

3. Thread processing tools, including tap, die, automatic opening and closing thread cutting head, thread turning tool, thread milling tool, etc.


4. Gear cutting tools, including hobs, gear shapers, shaving cutters, bevel gear cutting tools, etc.

5、 切断刀具,包括镶齿圆锯片、带锯、弓锯、切断车刀和锯片铣刀等等,此外,还有组合刀具.按切削运动方式和相应的刀刃形状,刀具又可分为三大类:

5. Cutting tools, including insert circular saw blade, band saw, bow saw, cutting lathe tool and saw milling cutter, etc. in addition, there are combined tools. According to the cutting movement mode and corresponding blade shape, the tools can be divided into three categories:

一、 通用刀具,如车刀、刨刀、铣刀(不包括成形的车刀、成形刨刀和成形铣刀)、镗刀、钻头、扩孔钻、铰刀和锯等,

I. General cutters, such as turning tools, planers, milling cutters (excluding formed turning tools, forming planers and forming milling cutters), boring cutters, drills, reamers, reamers and saws, etc.

二、 成形刀具,这类刀具的刀刃具有与被加工工件断面相同或接近相同的形状,如成形车刀、成形刨刀、成形铣刀、拉刀、圆锥铰刀和各种螺纹加工刀具等.

2. Forming cutter. The cutting edge of this kind of cutter has the same or nearly the same shape as the cross section of the workpiece to be processed, such as forming turning tool, forming planer, forming milling tool, broach, taper reamer and various thread processing tools.


3. The generating tool is to use the generating method to process the gear tooth surface or similar workpiece, such as hob, gear shaper, shaving cutter, bevel gear planer, bevel gear milling cutter disc, etc. The structure of all kinds of cutting tools is composed of clamping part and working part. The clamping part and the working part of the integral structure cutter are all made on the cutter body, and the working part (cutter tooth or blade) of the gear inserted structure cutter is inlaid on the cutter body.


There are two kinds of clamping parts of the cutter, one is with hole and the other is with handle. The tool with hole is installed on the spindle or spindle of the machine tool by the inner hole, and the torsion moment is transmitted by the axial key or end key, such as cylindrical milling cutter and sleeve type face milling cutter. It is efficient, convenient, professional and complete to provide high-quality and high-precision imported mold machinery, tools, cutters and materials.